Dental Office Appointment Reminder Software

Minimize No-Shows and improve attendance with dental appointment reminder software

Dental Appointment Reminder

Dental appointment reminder software can be used to automate your dental check-up reminders for both the patients and dentists. Automatic text and email reminders could reduce patient no-shows drastically. Many patients forget about their dental check-up appointments. One single no-show a day can cost your dental clinic anywhere from $5000 to $50000 per provider in terms of annual revenue. Dental appointment reminder software is a particularly useful tool / add-on that can reduce the number of no-shows per month and help your dental practice to grow exponentially.

Dental Appointment Reminder System

Dentulu is a one-stop solution for your dental office requirements. If you are interested in improving the overall growth of your clinic, Dentulu is the right solution. We provide a customized solution for dental professionals in terms of software, widgets, add-ons, etc.

Dental Appointment Reminder System
Dentulu’s automatic dental appointment reminders

Dentulu’s automatic dental appointment reminders

Dentulu helps you to automate the process of appointment reminders:

  • Patients get the reminders in 24 hrs / 30 mins / 5mins before the check- up time
  • Dentists get the reminders in 24 hrs / 30 mins / 5mins before the process
  • Two types of options are available – Email and text-based reminders
  • The ability to send a series of messages to each patient

Apart from these features, an office / doctor can customize the messages and send reminders based on the appointment types and treatment plans. Dentulu is changing the way that dental offices communicate with patients by automating these necessary office tasks!

Benefits of dental appointment reminder system

  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Recapture canceled appointments
  • Compressed waiting lists
  • Improve the efficiency of staff routines
  • Keep the appointment schedule full and productive
Dental appointment reminder system