Dentulu Provider App

It provides various capabilities in improving continuity of care and communication with your patients

Connect with your patients

Download and install the Dentulu Teledentistry app as part of your telemedicine and telehealth dental technology and begin communicating with new and existing patients today to ensure continuity in care.

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Video call with Patient

Dentulu provider app provides the ability to conduct video calls with your patients in several different ways. It offers 4K crystal clear videos through your phone or browser.

Live chat with your patient!

Dentulu teledentistry app provides End 2 End encrypted secure chat ensuring privacy and HIPAA Compliance. File sharing, image sharing.

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Connect with your patient using QR Code

Your patients can scan your QR code and get connected with you over the Dentulu app for follow up consults and post op check-up.

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Write prescriptions for your patients at your convenience. Compatible with most practice management software.

Patient chart

Dentulu provides access to your patient chart anytime anywhere right from your palm. Syncs with your practice management software.

Online Dentist Appointment Booking
Online Dentist Appointment Booking


Dentulu’s MouthCam intraoral camera is simple and easy to use. Patients can send photos to their dentist for post-op office visits and helps track the progress. You can also use it to take other patient images which allows to sync directly with a new or existing patient chart.

Direct connect

Private and quick video calls with your patients. Unique URL, multiple attendees, ability to record securely, HIPAA compliant, encrypted and private.

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