Dentulu’s Patient App

Dental help on demand!

Save time and reduce your dental expenses.

Patients can enjoy a wide range of services through Dentulu’s Patient app.
Customized for individuals and dental practices.

Dental First App

Book dental appointments for other family members or friends.

Connect with the Dentist nearby within minutes for a face to face call

Integrated with payment plans and process insurance.

Easy to use patient interface design

Tiled and clearly layed out for any type of user, may it be a millennial or elderly

Dental First App

4K quality video calls with your provider on demand

Make high quality video* calls with your provider in the comfort of your home
* Need strong WiFi internet connection

Dental First App
Dental First App

Maintain your appointment history

Keep track of all your appointments. It can be yours or any family member.

MouthCam for patients

Dentulu’s MouthCam provides the capability for patients to share high-quality images with their dentist for post-op checks and follow-ups.

Chat and share images

Patients can chat with their dentists, share images and communicate easily via Dentulu chat.

Dental First App
Dental First App

Shop all or any dental products

Dentulu store has partnered with best industry partners to supply high quality dental products. Browse and purchase dental products through the Dentulu store.