Artificial intelligence solution for dentistry

Dentulu is one of the best AI-based teledentistry apps in the US offers quality dental care through the use of artificial intelligence technology in dentistry.

How does it works?

Click image

Spot the problematic area using the MouthCAM device and click an image.

Send to professional

Using Dentulu software, send the image to the dentist.

Get the feedback

The dentist will analyze the image and provide you with feedback on what to do next.

Artificial Intelligence in dentistry

Why is Artificial Intelligence important to teledentistry?

It’s important to take advantage of as much technology available, especially when concerning the public’s health and dental well being. Artificial intelligence in dentistry is a revolutionary way to think about your oral health. By using apps such as Enamel Whiteboard Teledentistry, Artificial Intelligence can be more easily accessed by dentists.


Future of Artificial Intelligence in dentistry

Teledentistry that makes use of artificial intelligence in dentistry can help to improve patient care and create new opportunities for innovation within the industry. Enamel whiteboard is one example of an app that can make it easy for anyone to take advantage of this new technology.

Future of Artificial intelligent teledentistry
Experience Dentulu’s award winning dental mobile app
Bone Loss

Experience Dentulu’s award winning dental mobile app

Dentulu is a dental AI app that helps patients find trusted, licensed, and available dentists in their area. Dentulu also offers a variety of enterprise solutions to help dentists run their practices more efficiently and productively.


Accuracy in standardized, single-tooth photographs

Why Dentulu?

24/7 emergency dentists

Licensed emergency dentists nearby are a click away when you need them most 24/7/365 available to you on demand.

Patient resource center

Watch and learn from professionally-produced patient education videos made by dentists in both english and spanish.

Shop dental products

Browse and shop the best dental products from around the world at the lowest prices.


Recommended by leading dentists

Adonis Reyes

I was a little hesitant to try an online dental service, but Dentulu made it so easy and convenient. I'm really happy with the care I received.

Roman Lambert

I was so impressed with the level of care and attention I received from Dentulu. I will definitely be usin them again in the future.

Luna Thomas

I was really pleased with my experience with Dentulu. The care was top-notch and I will definitely be using them again.

Maxwell Kim

I had an amazing experience with Dentulu. The care was impeccable and I will definitely be using them again in the future.

How to find a mobile dentist?

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