Dental Monitoring Services

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Remote Dental Monitoring Teledentistry

Reduce hospital readmissions and emergency dental care with timely oral health tracking and intervention with Dentulu’s remote dental monitoring software and the MouthCam

remote dental monitoring

How remote dental patient monitoring works

dental monitoring services

Patients with chronic conditions, those in quarantine, and others unable to travel to the dental office are registered by the provider.

dental monitoring through mouthcam

Patients or caretakers are given consumer intra-oral cameras such as the MouthCam or other intraoral imaging applications to take pictures and videos.

dental monitoring - access the patient data

Dental providers have remote visibility of patient data and can assess the progress or the patient remotely.

remote dental patient monitoring - billing

Providers are often able to bill for remote patient monitoring services and also provide a safety net to protect the patient while maintaining continuity of care.

Dental patient monitoring with teledentistry

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Truly comprehensive care will require it

Integrated and comprehensive care requires better communication between patients and dental professionals and their medical counterparts. Oral health and systemic disease are connected and all healthcare staff and their respective patients need to be connected.

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Synchronous and asynchronous

Dental patients can be monitored by synchronous and asynchronous teledentistry modalities with information gained in real time or sent to the provider intermittently.

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Reducing emergency procedures

Better preventative and coordinated care and communication between dental professionals and patients is possible with teledentistry. Problems can be addressed sooner and complications avoided.

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Artificial intelligence

Dentulu and Dentulu Partners are advancing dental monitoring with artificial intelligence through a number of different software and hardware advances.

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Dental monitoring of hospital patients

Hospitals and emergency rooms are potentially one of the most riskiest places for Covid-19 cross infection and dental monitoring of patients with Teledentistry is a valuable integrated tool.