GreenMark Biomedical Inc

GreenMark is aiming to transform the dental experience by providing dentists, hygienists, and patients non-invasive products that combine treatment

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Circul Health

From and BodiMetrics, the trusted names in health and wellness comes the only comprehensive health monitoring ring that provides medical-grade accuracy.

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Perio Protect

Non-invasive Perio Tray™ therapy holds medication deep below the gums.

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SOTA Cloud

Dentulu is proud to announce a strategic partnership with SOTA Imaging, a frontrunner in dental imaging technology.

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Toothlens is at the forefront of AI-driven dental imaging technology.

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Catapult Grow

Dentulu is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Catapult Growth Partners, a leading

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In our quest to enhance the lives of those dealing with teeth grinding, Dentulu has embarked on a strategic partnership with ByteSense,

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DSG Digital Marketing

We are thrilled to announce Dentulu's strategic partnership with DSG, a distinguished family-owned marketing firm specializing in Digital Business Information Management.

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Machine learning and computer vision provide the foundation of every solution we offer.

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Geriatric House Call Dentistry

We are a national network of mobile dentists that treat patients in their home.

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Independa and Dentulu's partnership in collaboration with LG televisions have enabled dental and Teledentistry services to be available directly to consumers at home through their LG Smart TVs.

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Dentulu is proud to collaborate with Walgreens nationally as the leading Teledentistry service available to walgreens customer.

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Oral DNA Labs

Dentulu's partnership with Oral DNA to provide direct to consumer salivary testing and diagnostics will provide millions of consumers access.

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Dental Nachos

Dentulu is a proud partner and sponsor of the Dental Nachos, an online forum of dental professionals working together to better the dental.

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Alphaeon Credit

Dentulu's partnership and collaboration with Alpheon provides consumers the ability to finance their dental work and make quality dentistry affordable in small payments

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Dentulu's partnership with the Global Dental Implant Academy provides all GDIA members access to advanced Teledentistry and communication technologies.

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Academy of Oral Surgery (AOS)

Dentulu is a proud partner and sponsor of the Academy of Oral Surgery. Through this collaboartion, Dentulu and AOS are working to establish a hospital.

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DNTL Works

Dentulu and DNTL have partnered to provide comprehensive mobile dentistry and portable dentistry capabilities to clinicians who are willing

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SKY Dental Supply

Dentulu's partnership with Sky Dental Supply will provide professional dental accounts to purchase discounted rates on Sky Dental's full product line

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NMD Conference

Dentulu is a proud partner and sponsor of the National Mobile and Teledentistry conference since it was first established.

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Dentulu is a proud partner to ICOI providing Dentulu's Teledentistry solutions to all ICOI members across the world.

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Smiles at Sea

Dentulu is a proud supporter and sponsor of Smiles at Sea, an established semi-annual convention of likeminded dental professionals who gather together to

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Dentulu and ResetSmile™ have partnered to provide high quality removable tooth replacement services to both consumers and dental.

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I Heart Mobile Dentistry

Dentulu is a proud partner of I Heart Mobile Dentistry in providing education, collaboration, and accessibility to dental professionals wanting

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Global Interdisciplinary Summit

Dentulu has partnered with the Global Interdisciplinary Summit to provide dental professionals with educational webinars and courses

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International Extraction Academy

Dentulu and the International Extraction Academy have partnered to provide dental professionals interested in learning about dental

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Symphony Meddent Solutions

Dentulu is a proud partner of Symphony MedDent Solutions to provide a comprehensive mobile and Teledentistry solution to dental professionals looking to

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Fits Smile

Dentulu and Fits Smile have partnered to provide Teledentistry solutions to Clear Aligner patients in Mexico and Latin America.

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Dentulu and Avadent's partnership provides integrated solutions to consumers who have existing dentures that they want to replace

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Dentulu is a proud Teledentistry and Mobile Dentistry service provider for GoDontics providing onsite and mobile orthodontic care for patients.

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Dentulu Partnered with DoseSpot to provide its seemless EPCS enabled Rx Prescription software to Dental offices and Dental professionals who are

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Dentulu has partnered with InfoStar in providing high quality professionally made dental patient education videos to its users in English and Spanish.

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Cellerant Consulting Group

We enable our clients to bypass the dental industry learning curve because we are profoundly integrated into the dental community

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Denefits is a leading complete payment solutions platform used by customers and businesses alike across many industries.

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Hannah Coffey RDH

Over 57 illnesses associated with periodontal disease can not only be treated but likely avoided! As a healthcare professional with ambition for the

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Stellar Outcomes

This company was crafted to deliver a real and positive difference to dental professionals. Drawing from a mountain of research,

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Adaptive Dental Solutions

My passion for dentistry started in 1986 while I was in High School and able to do volunteer work at a dental office.

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Here's an overview of our relationships with partners and affiliates:

Dentulu has established a nationwide network of licensed dentists, represented in each state. These dentists are carefully selected based on their expertise, experience, and commitment to providing exceptional dental care. Our partnership with these dentists ensures that our patients have access to qualified professionals who are dedicated to their oral health.

Dentulu recognizes the valuable role that dental hygienists play in maintaining optimal oral health. We collaborate closely with hygienists to offer comprehensive dental services, including dental cleanings, oral hygiene education, and preventive treatments. By working together, we ensure that our patients receive holistic care that focuses on both prevention and treatment.

Dentulu has integrated with Pearl Artificial Intelligence, a cutting-edge AI system designed to enhance the diagnostic process. Through this integration, our patients can receive a second opinion on radiographs, which are evaluated by the AI system. This partnership allows us to provide a more comprehensive evaluation of dental health, giving patients peace of mind and a deeper understanding of their oral condition.

Dentulu collaborates with dental supply and technology companies to bring the latest advancements in dental tools, materials, and equipment to our patients. By partnering with industry leaders, we ensure that our teledentistry platform is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that enable accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning.

We work closely with dental insurance providers to streamline the billing and reimbursement process for our patients. Our team is experienced in navigating insurance claims and can assist patients in understanding their coverage and maximizing their benefits. By partnering with insurance providers, we aim to make dental care more accessible and affordable for our patients.

Dentulu actively collaborates with dental associations and organizations to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, research, and best practices in the field of dentistry. We participate in industry events, conferences, and educational programs to continuously enhance our knowledge and expertise. These partnerships enable us to provide evidence-based care and ensure that our platform aligns with the highest professional standards.

Our partnerships with pharmacies allow us to provide seamless access to necessary medications and oral care products. Patients can conveniently order prescribed medications, oral rinses, and other dental supplies through our platform, which are delivered directly to their doorstep. These collaborations ensure that patients have easy access to the products they need to maintain their oral health.

Dentulu understands that some patients may face challenges in accessing traditional dental clinics. To address this, we have partnered with mobile dentistry providers. These providers offer on-the-go dental services, bringing dental care directly to patients in various locations. Equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment, mobile dentistry units enable comprehensive dental examinations, cleanings, and even minor treatments. Through this collaboration, we ensure that patients who may have mobility issues, reside in remote areas, or have difficulty visiting a dental office can still receive the care they need.

To reach and serve a broader audience, Dentulu collaborates with marketing providers who specialize in promoting healthcare services. These partnerships help us effectively communicate the benefits of teledentistry and Dentulu's unique offerings to potential patients. Our marketing providers assist in creating informative and engaging content, optimizing our online presence, and implementing targeted marketing strategies. By leveraging the expertise of marketing professionals, we can raise awareness about the advantages of teledentistry and ensure that individuals across the country have access to our services.

Our commitment to building strong partnerships and affiliations reflects our dedication to delivering exceptional teledentistry services to our patients. By collaborating with trusted professionals and organizations, we can offer a comprehensive and reliable dental care experience that prioritizes your oral health and well-being.

At Dentulu, we value our relationships with partners and affiliates, as they play a crucial role in our mission to make dental care accessible, convenient, and of the highest quality. We are continuously expanding our network of partnerships to bring you the best possible teledentistry experience.

Together with our partners and affiliates, we are shaping the future of dental care, redefining the way you receive dental treatment, and ensuring that you have access to the best oral healthcare professionals and resources available.

Join Dentulu today and experience the benefits of our strong partnerships and affiliations in delivering exceptional teledentistry services.