Mobile Dentistry Services

Mobile dentistry for your home, offices and more. Address your oral care concerns through our mobile dental services!

Dentulu is the pioneer in mobile dentistry & teledentistry solutions. We introduced the world’s first smartphone app which allows patients to search for and reserve a mobile dentist or mobile hygienist to the patient’s location. In fact, creating the best software for Mobile Dentistry was the original goal for Dentulu when launching the “Uber-like platform" which automatically matches patients with mobile dental practices in their area.

Dentulu’s mobile dentistry software continues to be the world’s leading mobile app providing support to mobile clinicians around the world who use the platform to find new patients, for scheduling and follow-up care, present treatment plans, collect payments, and much more.

Worlds #1 Dental App. Its Free to Register, Secure, and On Demand

24/7 Emergency Dentists

Licensed Emergency Dentists nearby are a click away when you need them most 24/7/365 available to you on demand.

Shop Dental Products

Browse and shop the best dental products from around the world at the lowest prices.

Patient Resource Center

Watch and learn from professionally-produced patient education videos made by dentists in both English and Spanish.

Mobile & Onsite Dentistry

Find mobile dental providers to come to your location of choice providing dental care onsite.

Emergency Prescriptions

Antibiotics & Pain medications can be sent to your pharmacy electronically within minutes. Get the help you need when you need it.

Dental Second Opinions

Get second opinions from board certified dentists and dental specialists from the comfort of your home.

What is mobile dentistry?

Mobile dentistry is the practice of dentistry outside of the traditional dental office setting through the utilization of either portable dental equipment or mobile vans with fixed dental units. Mobile dentistry and portable dental programs are considered by many to be a relatively recent strategy in providing access to oral health services outside of the traditional brick-and-mortar dental office setting. The beginnings of mobile dental services actually date back to the early 1900s where dental hygienists were trained to provide preventative and educational oral health services to children in schools and in underserved communities.

There has been a massive influx of attention and resources in the recent several years in the area of mobile dentistry and with recent legislative changes lobbied by the American Dental Association allowing more relaxed laws on mobile dental clinicians and mid-level practitioners performing dentistry outside of the traditional dental office.

Dentulu proudly supports mobile clinicians around the world with advanced software and technology support allowing the providers to do what they do best, dentistry. Here is a list of the different ways in which Dentulu’s mobile dentistry services help to care for millions across the world.

Mobile Dentistry - Dentulu
Mobile dentistry for universities

University Mobile Dentistry

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mobile dentistry for senior people

Senior Living Dentistry

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mobile dentistry for elementary schools

Elementary School Dentistry

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 mobile dentistry for corporate companies

Corporate Wellness Dentistry

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concierge dentistry

Concierge Dentistry

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hospice dentistry - palliative care dentistry

Hospice Dentistry

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house call dentistry

Hotel Dentistry

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Mobile Dentistry

House Call Dentistry

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