Why Invest in Dentulu?

Dentulu presents a compelling investment opportunity in the dental industry. Here are additional reasons why investing in Dentulu can be highly advantageous:

  • Unique Dental Marketplace:

    Dentulu operates as a dental marketplace, catering to both B2B and B2C segments. This dual approach sets Dentulu apart by addressing the needs of both patients and dental professionals. By investing in Dentulu, you can tap into a platform that connects patients with dental professionals seamlessly, while also providing enhanced tools and technology to dental practices.

  • Streamlined Access to Dental Professionals:

    Dentulu revolutionizes the way patients access dental professionals by providing instant connectivity and collaboration tools. Through the Dentulu platform, patients can easily connect with dentists from the comfort of their homes, offices, or while on the go. This streamlined access improves convenience, reduces wait times, and enhances the overall patient experience.

  • Empowering Dental Professionals:

    Dentulu empowers dental professionals to improve patient care through the use of advanced technology and automation. With Dentulu's AI-powered tools and automation features, dental practices can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and treatment outcomes. By investing in Dentulu, you support the growth and development of dental professionals, enabling them to provide enhanced care to their patients.

  • Growing Demand for Teledentistry:

    Teledentistry is gaining momentum as a preferred method of accessing dental care. The demand for remote healthcare services has been further accelerated by recent global events. Dentulu is at the forefront of this industry trend, offering a comprehensive teledentistry platform that meets the evolving needs of patients and dental professionals alike. By investing in Dentulu, you position yourself in a market with substantial growth potential.

  • Market Expansion and Revenue Generation:

    As Dentulu continues to expand its reach and establish a strong presence in the dental industry, investing in the platform offers opportunities for revenue generation. Dentulu's innovative approach to dental care, comprehensive service offerings, and commitment to technological advancements position the platform for long-term success and profitability.

For More Information and Investment Opportunities:

If you are interested in learning more about Dentulu and exploring investment opportunities, we invite you to reach out to us at . Our team will be delighted to provide you with further information and discuss how you can be part of Dentulu's transformative journey.

Invest in Dentulu today and join us in revolutionizing the dental industry by improving patient access, enhancing dental care, and capitalizing on the growing demand for teledentistry.

Business Summary

Business Summary

Dentulu is a company founded by industry-leading dentists and recognized by the American Dental Association as the best teledentistry technology for two consecutive years. Beyond its renowned teledentistry capabilities, Dentulu offers a range of convenient and affordable products, including preventive services, salivary testing, at-home sleep apnea mouth guards, and its proprietary "MouthCAM." The company is dedicated to expanding access to care and leveraging innovative dental technologies.

With a strong team of over 350 board-certified in-house dentists and strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Walgreens, ResetSmiles, Pearl AI, and LG Television, Dentulu has gained significant traction and demonstrated its viability in both the B2B and B2C verticals. Dentulu empowers dental clinicians to reach millions of patients who are unable to visit a dental office for various reasons, while simultaneously connecting patients with the dental care they need. The enterprise solution also offers B2B applications in marketing, direct-to-consumer sales, 24/7 care and remote monitoring, integrated solutions for dental and medical professionals, as well as a robust marketplace.

Invest in Dentulu today and be part of a company that is revolutionizing the dental industry, expanding access to care, and driving utilization of innovative dental technologies.


Product Overview

Dentulu offers innovative dental solutions through its integrated dental marketplace, making it the first of its kind in the industry. The platform supports various business models, including mobile dentistry, virtual communications, and expanded accessibility to a wide range of dental services that were traditionally limited to in-office settings.

By providing a cohesive platform for different user types, Dentulu delivers exceptional value to patients, dental professionals, and vendors. Through its unique marketplace, Dentulu promotes consolidation in an otherwise fragmented industry. The platform is accessible on mobile phones, tablets, smart televisions, and web applications. It also incorporates a comprehensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, automating and consolidating telecommunications, e-commerce, logistics, and accounting processes for users.

Dentulu's product offerings are designed to transform the dental experience for both patients and professionals. By leveraging technology and innovation, Dentulu breaks down barriers, allowing patients to access a wide range of dental services conveniently and remotely. Dental professionals benefit from the platform's streamlined communication and logistics, enhancing their ability to provide high-quality care to a larger patient base.

Whether it's through mobile dentistry services, virtual consultations, or expanded access to dental services, Dentulu is committed to revolutionizing the dental industry by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly marketplace that meets the evolving needs of patients, dental professionals, and vendors.

Choose Dentulu today and experience the future of dental solutions, where convenience, accessibility, and integration come together to transform the dental care experience for all stakeholders involved.


Opportunity Overview

Dentulu capitalizes on a significant opportunity in the dental industry. According to ADA estimates, approximately 60% of Americans seek regular dental care annually. Within this group, 10-15% actively seek new dentists due to various factors such as relocation, new jobs, changes in dental benefits, and evolving dental care needs. Additionally, an estimated 49 million Americans lack proper access to immediate dental care.

Dentulu seizes this opportunity by promoting improved oral health through effective engagement and optimized access. Its avant-garde approach to collaborative teledentistry enhances dental practitioners' digital presence and productivity. By leveraging the power of teledentistry, Dentulu addresses the needs of both existing patients and new dental consumers in the market.

Furthermore, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 220,000 dentists in 120,000 practices across the United States. Many of these dentists are embracing the idea of providing teledentistry to their existing patients or reaching out to new dental consumers. Dentulu serves as a platform that empowers these dental professionals to expand their reach and leverage the benefits of teledentistry.

Investing in Dentulu means taking advantage of a significant market opportunity. With its innovative teledentistry solutions, Dentulu positions itself at the forefront of the dental industry, catering to the evolving needs of patients, dental practitioners, and the growing demand for convenient and accessible dental care.

Join Dentulu today and be part of a groundbreaking venture that transforms the dental landscape by improving access, engagement, and productivity for all stakeholders involved.


Market Overview

The market for teledentistry and Telehealth services is poised for significant growth and Dentulu is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend. Here's an overview of the market factors driving the demand for teledentistry:

Millennial Population: Millennials, comprising approximately 25-28% of the US population, are a key demographic driving the need for Telehealth services. As this segment of the population continues to grow, it is expected that by 2025, they will make up close to 75% of the labor market. Millennials demand direct access to information and remote care from professionals across all industries, including dental care. Dentulu recognizes this trend and caters to the needs and preferences of this tech-savvy generation.

Increasing Demand for Telehealth: The recent Covid-19 crisis has further accelerated the demand for Telehealth services, including teledentistry. With social distancing measures and safety concerns, patients and dentists alike are seeking remote solutions for dental consultations and care. Dentulu meets this demand by providing a platform for virtual dental visits, enhancing accessibility and convenience for patients while ensuring the safety of both patients and dental professionals.

Expansion of Reimbursement: Dental insurance companies have expanded reimbursement for teledentistry services. This has facilitated the mobilization of Telehealth in dentistry, making it more robust than ever. Dentulu leverages this favorable reimbursement landscape to provide value-added services and enable dental professionals to offer remote care while being appropriately compensated.

Investing in Dentulu means entering a market with significant growth potential. As the demand for Telehealth and teledentistry services continues to rise, Dentulu's comprehensive platform, strategic partnerships, and commitment to innovation position it as a market leader. Dentulu offers an attractive investment opportunity in the evolving landscape of digital dental care.

To learn more about Dentulu and explore investment opportunities, please contact us at Join us in revolutionizing the dental industry and meeting the growing demand for accessible and convenient teledentistry services.

Investment Thesis

Dentulu presents a compelling investment opportunity based on the following factors:


One-of-a-kind Platform

Dentulu offers a unique platform that combines software solutions developed by innovative dental entrepreneurs from around the world. This distinctiveness sets Dentulu apart in the market, providing a competitive advantage and potential for differentiation.


Early Stage Opportunity

Investing in Dentulu represents an early stage opportunity to own a "special" platform and capture a greater market share. By getting involved at this stage, investors can position themselves for long-term growth and potential returns.


Focused Growth Strategy

Dentulu has developed a clear and focused growth strategy centered around its "Right to Win." This strategy enables Dentulu to identify and capitalize on key opportunities in the dental industry, ensuring sustainable and scalable growth.


Strong Brand Awareness

Dentulu benefits from strong brand awareness, which can be leveraged through strategic marketing initiatives. By driving frequency and growth, Dentulu aims to further establish its brand presence and expand its customer base.


Strong Financial Performance

Dentulu has demonstrated a track record of delivering strong top and bottom-line operating and financial performance. This financial strength and stability position Dentulu for continued growth and profitability.


Agile Team

Dentulu boasts an agile and capable team that has successfully executed through challenging times, supporting the global dental community. This adaptability and expertise contribute to Dentulu's ability to navigate changing market dynamics and deliver on its objectives.

Opportunity Overview

Dentulu presents a significant opportunity by capitalizing on the delivery revolution and transforming the dental industry. Here's a summary of the key opportunities Dentulu is leveraging:

The delivery revolution

The Delivery Revolution

Delivery-based startups have experienced remarkable success, with a combined market capitalization exceeding $100 billion. Dentulu disrupts the dental industry by introducing hand delivery of prescription medications directly to consumers. This innovative approach enhances convenience and service, setting Dentulu apart in the market.

A $330B Industry

A $330 Billion Industry

The dental industry is undergoing transformation through innovation and technology. With Dentulu leading the category in technology, convenience, and service, it is poised to increase its dominance within this $330 billion industry. By capitalizing on technological advancements and consumer demand for convenience, Dentulu positions itself as a market leader.

Eliminating Overhead

Eliminating Overhead

Dentulu's fulfillment and pharmacy-optimized automation systems revolutionize the traditional pharmacy model. By drastically reducing fixed overhead costs to less than 1/100th of that of a traditional pharmacy, Dentulu creates a cost-efficient operation. Additionally, Dentulu disrupts the traditional pharmacy in-store pickup model by offering free same-day delivery, further enhancing convenience for consumers.

Investing in Dentulu means being part of a company that combines the delivery revolution with the transformation of the dental industry. With its focus on technology, convenience, and service, Dentulu is well-positioned to dominate the market and capitalize on the growing demand for innovative healthcare solutions.

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