Dentulu is a unique SaaS Platform on the web and on mobile.

Dentulu is a unique SaaS Platform on the web and on mobile, which streamlines public access to dental professionals through instant connectivity and collaboration tools from the comfort of their homes, office, or, when they are on-the-go! If you are interested to get more information and invest in Dentulu, please email us at

Business Summary

Dentulu is a unique SaaS Platform that connects dental consumers with dentists in real-time. The product facilitates access and communications in its HIPAA Compliant platform, through Live messaging, video sessions, file sharing, appointments and more. With its one of a kind “Dental Emergency Response System”, immediate access to oral health information and optimized dental care is not a luxury anymore but a rightful benefit to millions of Americans.


ADA estimates show that roughly 60% of Americans seek regular dental care annually; of this group, 10-15% actively look for new dentists due to relocation, new jobs, change in dental benefits, and their changing dental care needs. These estimates also show 49M Americans don’t have proper access to immediate dental care. Dentulu promotes improved oral health through effective engagement and optimized access, while boosting dental practitioners’ digital presence and productivity through its avant-garde approach to collaborative TELEDENTISTRY. In addition, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 220,000 US dentists in 120,000 practices across the nation, who are engaged in the idea of providing Teledentistry to their patients of record or dental consumers in the market.


Dentulu is a seamless, multi-platform service that solves solutions for two distinct and connected markets: 1) Dentists 2) Dental Consumers. With its agile and HIPAA compliant design, Dentulu facilitates secure connections and collaboration between patients and dentists, 24/7. The Product was built by dentists with more than 30+ collective years of experience in the industry, and is constantly being improved and optimized. Dentulu features include: instant messaging, file sharing, one-touch phone connections, emergency advice, appointment requests, personalized treatment history logs, and/or video conferencing. In addition, Consumers can filter their searches by ZIP codes, dental procedure or specialty, and by insurance carrier; or, they can simply connect to an emergency dentist by immediate text or video request.


Millennials comprise roughly 25-28% of the US population; and it has been estimated that by 2025, millennials with make up close to 75% of the labor market. It is no secret that this segment of the population will drive the need for Telehealth services as they demand direct access to information and remote care by professionals across all industries. In addition, due to recent Covid-19 crisis, Dentists all over the world are demanding access to Teledentistry. Mobilization of Telehealth in dentistry has also been more robust than ever, since dental insurance companies have expanded reimbursement for these services.

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Investment Thesis

One of a kind platform

One of a kind platform offering unique handcrafted goods from creative entrepreneurs around the world.

Early stage opportunity

Significant early stage opportunity to own “special” and capture a greater share of a $250B+ TAM

Focused Growth Strategy

Successfully executing a long-term growth strategy focused on our
Right to Win

Strong brand awareness

Leveraging our strong brand awareness with marketing initiatives to drive frequency and growth

Strong Financial Performance

Delivering strong top and bottom line operating and financial

Agile Team

Agile team, able to execute successfully through an extraordinary time to support our global community


The delivery revolution

Delivery-based start ups currently have a combined market cap of more than $100B. Dentulu is disrupting the dental industry by hand delivering prescription medications directly to consumers.

A $330B Industry

The dental industry is currently being transformed by innovation, disruption and technology. Dentulu is leading the category in technology, convenience, and service, making it well positioned to increase its overall dominance.

Eliminating overhead

Dentulu fulfillment and pharmacy-optimized automation drastically cut fixed overhead to less than 1/100th of that of a traditional pharmacy. Free same-day delivery disrupts the traditional pharmacy in-store pickup model.