Dentulu and Circul

Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Partnership

The partnership between Dentulu and Circul, a product of Bodimetrics, represents a significant advancement in the management and treatment of sleep apnea.

Circul is a state-of-the-art pulse oximeter ring designed for continuous day and night use. Unlike traditional finger clip oximeters, it's comfortable, unobtrusive, and suitable for long-term wear. The device excels in monitoring and recording blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and sleep stages, including Awake, REM, Light, and Deep sleep. This functionality is crucial for managing sleep apnea, a condition where monitoring oxygen levels and sleep quality is essential. The device also offers an Exercise Mode for tracking heart rate and calories burned, and its data can be synced to a cloud account for easy sharing with healthcare providers.

Dentulu, as a leader in mobile dentistry and telehealth, focuses on providing accessible dental care. By integrating Circul's technology, Dentulu can offer its sleep apnea patients a comprehensive health management tool. This partnership enables Dentulu to monitor the vital signs of their patients, enhancing their ability to provide tailored treatment and care. The ability to track sleep stages and oxygen levels is particularly beneficial in the context of sleep apnea, where dental health professionals can gain valuable insights into their patients' sleep health.

Together, Dentulu and Circul are setting a new standard in patient care, offering a more holistic approach to health that encompasses both dental well-being and overall physiological monitoring. This integration of dental health and advanced health monitoring technology exemplifies the future of personalized, comprehensive healthcare.

Benefits of the Circul Puls Oximeter Ring

Bodimetrics Circul

Continuous Monitoring

Allows for all-night monitoring of blood oxygen levels, crucial for sleep apnea patients.

Bodimetrics Circul

Sleep Stage Tracking

Records different sleep stages, including REM, Light, and Deep sleep, helping in understanding sleep patterns affected by sleep apnea.

Bodimetrics Circul

Comfortable Design

Designed as a ring, it's more comfortable and less intrusive than traditional finger clip oximeters, ensuring ease of use during sleep.

Bodimetrics Circul

Heart Rate Monitoring

Tracks heart rate throughout the night, providing data that can indicate sleep apnea episodes.

Bodimetrics Circul

Oxygen Desaturation Index (ODI)

Records ODI, which is essential for assessing the severity of sleep apnea.

Bodimetrics Circul

Data Sharing

Syncs with a cloud account for easy sharing of data with healthcare providers, aiding in better treatment planning.

Bodimetrics Circul

How its works

Bodimetrics Circul

Buying the Device

Patients can purchase the Circul pulse oximeter ring, a cutting-edge device designed for continuous health monitoring. Its comfortable, ring-like design makes it ideal for round-the-clock wear, including during sleep.

Bodimetrics Circul

Connecting with Dentulu App

After acquiring the device, patients can seamlessly connect it with the Dentulu app. This integration allows for efficient data tracking and a streamlined user experience, enhancing the device's usability and functionality.

Bodimetrics Circul

Monitoring Sleep

The Circul device actively monitors sleep patterns, including tracking oxygen levels and heart rate. This feature is particularly beneficial for sleep apnea patients, as it provides vital insights into their sleep health and quality.

Bodimetrics Circul

Sharing Data with Provider

Patients can easily share their health data with healthcare providers through the Dentulu app. This step is crucial for informed medical care, as it enables providers to access detailed health information, aiding in effective treatment and management of sleep apnea.

Circul+ Features

Sleep monitor circul

Sleep monitor

Hearts rate circul

Hearts rate

Temperature moniter circul

Temperature moniter

Sports mode circul

Sports mode

Bodimetrics Circul Device



Circul is a wearable pulse oximeter ring that continuously monitors blood oxygen levels and heart rate, especially useful for sleep apnea patients.

It tracks oxygen levels and heart rate during sleep, providing crucial data for managing sleep apnea.

The device can be purchased from Dentulu shop, and from our healthcare provider network.

Follow the app's simple pairing instructions to connect your Circul device via Bluetooth.

Circul tracks your sleep stages, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and Oxygen Desaturation Index (ODI).

Yes, the data can be easily shared via the Dentulu app, facilitating better patient-provider communication.

Yes, its ring design is made for comfort, allowing continuous wear, even during sleep.

In Exercise Mode, Circul monitors your heart rate, steps, and calories burned during physical activities.

No, syncing data to the cloud account is a free service provided for long-term data tracking and sharing.

Unlike bulky finger clip oximeters, Circul is designed for continuous, comfortable wear and provides more comprehensive sleep data.