Online Virtual Dental Consultation Services

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to consult with a dentist, Dentulu has you covered. With their new online virtual dentist consultation feature, you can be seen by a dentist in less than 15 minutes - all from the comfort of your own home.

Dentulu Executive Advisors provides Telehealth and Teledentistry consulting services to help organizations evaluate, select and implement the right Teledentistry technology for your organization. Businesses across the nation have been affected by the impact of COVID-19, including healthcare providers, dental offices, DSO’s and even insurance carriers. Non-urgent patient visits have declined over the past few months, causing a significant decrease in revenue for many dental offices. Teledentistry and online dental consultation services provide patients a safe alternative for on-site visits, allowing them to continue with routine visits, remotely.

Healthcare providers who offer Teledentistry services have not only retained their current patient base, but also noticed an increase in new patients. The use of Teledentistry services allows the dental industry to provide up to twice as many services to patients than they were able to before.

Teledentistry Services

Care Coordination

Teledentistry Services

Data Collection

Teledentistry Services


Teledentistry Services


Why Telehealth

Teledentistry Kiosks

Dentulu Teledentistry kiosks provide patients the ability to virtually connect with their existing or new dental providers, without having to acquire the hardware/software necessary for at home Teledentistry care. These kiosks are commonly placed in community centers, hospitals, urgent care clinics or retail clinics, where patients are able to easily access them.

An additional benefit includes the ability to customize and private label kiosks and add hardware options like the MouthCam that allows providers to view inside the patients mouth from thousands of miles away.

Mobile App Capabilities

Among the variety of Teledentistry technologies available, Teledentistry services via mobile apps are the most versatile and can access the largest audience on the go. Patients who own a smartphone or tablet can easily download Dentulu’s mobile app on both Android and IOS to visit their dentists remotely. These mobile apps provide patients the convenience of accessing documents and records virtually anywhere. Additionally, dental organizations who use Teledentistry mobile apps are able to send users daily reminders, patient education, digitized forms and many more services straight to their device.

EMR and PMS integration

Offering Teledentistry services require EHR integration but what level of integration do you need? Not all platforms will integrate with your EHR nor do all Teledentistry companies control their own software and are white labeling others with limited integration and expansion capacities.

Remote patient dental monitoring

Commonly referred to as “self-monitoring” or “self-testing”, remote dental monitoring tools assist dental providers by remotely monitoring the oral health of their patients. The dental monitoring capabilities of Dentulu and the MouthCam can provide benefits for various specialties in Dentistry. In addition to lowering the costs associated with frequent patient visits, it also remains in compliance with HIPAA guidelines and standards.


Introducing a marketplace allows for multiple ways to benefit patients who can now participate in financing, insurance acquisition, and even product purchases on the Dentulu. Providers can similarly purchase equipment and materials directly on Dentulu.

Teledentistry Technologies in 2021

The benefits of implementing Teledentistry services is apparent, but the vehicle or vehicles in which dental providers choose to offer Teledentistry can make a difference. Before dental providers and carriers begin implementing Teledentistry services, they should consider which technologies to use based on their location, infrastructure and current patient base. Below are some of the top Teledentistry technologies from Dentulu in 2020.

Online dental consultation from Dentulu give you the ability to customize and combine services in order to fit your needs!

Teledentistry Services

Advocacy Action Plan

Develop a solid legislative advocacy plan that will flow from the strategic planning process. In the interim, Dentulu could work with our organization to develop a cursory plan for a legislative plan.

Teledentistry Services

Grant Writing

Complete an application process for financial aid provided by an institution such as a government department, foundation or private entity.

Teledentistry Services

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance can be provided as a form of sharing information and expertise, instruction, skills training, transmission of working knowledge, and consulting services and may also involve the transfer of technical data.

Teledentistry Services

Program Consultation

Provides a problem focusing review of a program or program element. And assessment of the client’s performance, resources, needs and perspectives in order to develop a strategic plan for implementation.

Teledentistry Services

Onsite Training

Onsite training conducted at your facility. Our onsite programs give you the ability to customize and combine any of our classes to fit your training needs. The end result is a seminar that is strictly tailored to job functions, operational goals and internal requirements.

Teledentistry Services

Program Evaulation

Program evaluation is a service that summarizes the grant, project, or program for best practices and results. The evaluation is usually a requirement of the grantor and helps the foundation assess the quality or impact of funded programs, plan and implement new programs, make future grant decisions, and demonstrate accountability to the public trust.

Teledentistry Services

Manual and Form Development

Create manual and forms for applicable programs.

Teledentistry Services


Provide a training event for community organizations, associations, health care groups, and individual providers on teledentistry topics.