Dental office solutions

Dentulu’s web-based widgets can help your dental business to grow exponentially and improve patient engagement.

Tools that enables your practice and patients for better experience and excellent patient journey

Dentulu provides plug-n-play widgets for the dental hospitals & clinic management. It includes a customized mobile app, patient chat, texting, provider management, patient management, communication between the office staffs, file sharing, file storage, and more. You can plug and play the custom-built widgets in your current website / online portal. Make your dental business paperless and profitable.

dental office management

Provider Management

Dental office portal allows you to manage your providers, communicate with them through text, secure HIPAA compliant emails, invite them, share files, end 2 end encrypted chats, reminders on when to renew their licenses and various other features to manage your office.

Dental service provider management
Manage dental appointments and calendar

Manage appointments and calendar

You can manage appointments and calendar of each provider just like your PMS on simplified dashboard. You can also export everything to Google calendar and sync it back with the provider calendar.

Customized mobile app

You can customize your mobile app using the customized app settings. Adding customized services, customized patient education videos adding payment methods, adding virtual tour of your office, images, promotional offers, add case examples, manage patient reviews.

Customized mobile app for dental office

Multi user controls for your practice

We have provided various toggle based controls to have easier access on different features and modules for all the users in your office. Restrict access on who should see what on the platform.

Multiuser control for dental office

Manage provider availability calendar

Provider management gives the ability to manage providers availability so that it can set automatic reminders or allow patients to book appointments based on providers availability. The office staff has complete capability to control the workflow of appointments being set for each providers.

manage dental provider - availability calendar
Dental treatment planning draft

Treatment planning drafts

Office staff can greatly support in creating draft treatment plans for the provider to review and then send it to your patient. Easy to use tools, patients can pay deposits through the received consultation and start the treatment.

Dental drop

Dental drop allows you to store and share various private patient images and files, securely and safely. Completely HIPAA compliant, accessible anytime anywhere.

Dental drop - dentulu
Chat with dental patients & providers - Dentulu

End to End encrypted 2 way chats

You can chat with your patients, providers, staffs from within the portal.

Two SMS text messaging

SMS texting is the mostly commonly used communication for offices in letting their patients know about upcoming appointments or consults. We have made it easier for you by bringing the patient texting inside the patients charts.

sms text messaging - dental app
dental patient charts

Powerful yet simple patient charts

Easy to fill and manage patient charts. It can sync with your existing PMS, export it as you may need, chat with the patient, send reminders, write notes, create appointments.

Provider and Intra/Inter-office chats

We made it easier for you to communicate with your providers with our end 2 end encrypted chats, wherein you can share x-rays, images or files securely and instantly, HIPAA compliant. You may not have to use whatsapp or other non HIPAA compliant messaging tools.

Emergency Dental Appointment
Dentulu mouthcam - intraoral camera


Dentulu MouthCAM provides both wired and WiFi cameras which enables you to take pictures, store them, forward them to other providers or export them to your PMS, Dentulu MouthCAM has worked it out for you. Buy our cameras for $49 and try it now.


Dentulu marketplace provides one stop solution for any dental office to find their suppliers, find products, find service nearest or nationwide. Dentulu made it easier for your office.

dentulu marketplace for dental suppliers and providers
buy or sell on dentulu

Sell on Dentulu

We learnt that many dental offices try to sell products to their patients but eventually not a single medium where they can track everything in one place. Dentulu made it simple by creating sell on Dentulu option, wherein you can create your own shop and use it to sell products to your patients.