Dental Patient Communication Software

Effective dentist-patient communication enhances patient health outcomes, treatment plans, and satisfaction rate

Patient Communication dental office

Patient communication is critical in the dental office environment. Dentists must have verbal communication skills to meet their patient's expectations successfully. A dental office communication system is necessary to deal with all the aspects of oral health care. Communication involves the information exchange and expression of thoughts. The final goal of dental patient communication software is to achieve optimum oral health care.

Poor communication in the dental office can lead to

  • Dentulu Problems on gathering vital information in an emergency
  • Dentulu Poor relationship and support
  • Dentulu Difficulty in asking for patient's opinion and feedback
  • Dentulu Troubles in the patient counseling process
Poor communication in the dental office can lead to
Dentulu's dental messaging software

Dentulu's dental messaging software

Dentulu provides the best solution for dental office messaging software. It is chat-based dental conversation software that can manage all types of communication between dental service providers and patients. It is possible to use this software in both the desktop and mobile phone versions. Apart from the chatting option, Dentulu provides a file-sharing option in the communication management portal. A patient can communicate with the doctors in two types of scenarios.

  • Dentulu Close circuit environment
  • Dentulu Open circuit environment

Dentulu's Open & Close circuit environment

A close circuit environment applies to the dental offices and owner dentists. In this scenario, only the office can add their patients. Any information that the patients add to their database is synced / visible to the management group and owner dentists automatically.

Open circuit environment applies to the associate providers only. A dental office/clinic can have a single or multiple associate providers inside their chain. When a patient adds photos or any other information in the open circuit environment, it is not visible automatically. The updated patient data is visible only after the manual approval from the patient side. In other words, the patient data is visible only if the patient is interested in showcasing the information to their respective doctors.

Dentulu's Open & Close circuit environment
Benefits of dental patient chat software

Benefits of dental patient chat software

  • Dentulu Improves the positive interaction
  • Dentulu Clear explanation of the information
  • Dentulu Spend sufficient time with dental patients
  • Dentulu Increases the patient satisfaction
  • Dentulu Identify the patient's values, needs, and preferences
  • Dentulu Informed decision making