Dental Interoffice Communication Software

Inter-office communication has become simple with Dentulu's instant messaging!

Dentist Patient Communication

Dental interoffice communication involves many people inside a hospital/clinic. Until now the only tools available to communicate with the clinic staff involved old technological tools like headsets, light systems, or just direct one-to-one communication. The old communication methods could be annoying for personnel and appear unprofessional to patients. More than that, it is a waste of time.

In this digital era, paperless offices use dental interoffice conversation platforms and digital imaging for efficiency and practicality. Make your inter-branch communication clear, quick, and without the help of other tools! With Dentulu's interoffice communication system, your dental team is just a message away. It is possible to connect all the staff inside your dental office and send messages to owner dentists, associate providers, etc.

Poor interdepartmental communication leads to

  • Improper scheduling of dental staffs
  • Ineffective feedback
  • Issues on gathering vital information in an emergency
  • Frustration in updating the cloud-based electronic health records
  • Time delay & poor quality of service
  • Lack of explanation about the patients' health conditions
Poor interdepartmental communication leads
Features of dentist inter-office chat system

Features of dentist inter-office chat system

  • Chat from any device
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Communication log option
  • Fast syncing with any dental practice management system
  • Private and secure communication

Benefits of inter-office conversation platform

  • Simplify team communication
  • Discuss patient treatment securely in real-time
  • Chat with the owner dentists and associate providers securely

Walk into every dental appointment prepared with your very own dental office messaging system. Get started today!

Benefits of inter-office conversation platform