Virtual Smile Illustrator

Virtual Smile Illustrator provides a futuristic solution. A simple platform to connect with your dentists!

Online Emergency Dentist

Get cosmetic & emergency dental consultation with your Dentulu’s Virtual Smile Illustrator

Help patients suffering due to emergencies or the patients who postpone the life-changing cosmetic dental consultations! Dentulu makes it easy for them to upload a photo and tell their story. You get an email alert, so that it is easy to respond with a quick video consultation during your convenient time (it's not a live consultation).

How It Works

Dentulu’s Smile Illustrator consults in 3 easy steps

We connect prospective new patients with the dentists in 3 steps

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Take a photo

Patients can use a phone to take guided photos of their smile and send them for review

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Tell your story

Patients can utilize the quick select form to provide detailed information about cosmetic and emergency cases.

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Get A Video

Dentist can use the platform's built-in consultation wizard to reply on their own time frame.

dental consult - virtual smile illustrator

Your Dentulu Consult isn't a replacement for in-office checkups

Of course, we don’t expect you to do dentistry virtually. The sole purpose of Smile illustrator platform is to generate leads that get patients scheduled and in your office. This platform helps to connect you to the patients and get an edge over other dental practices by offering a more convenient way to start the conversation about delicate cases. We reduce “no-show” consultations and help your dental office win more of the quality cases you want.

So what do you get?

Smile dentulu consults are the future!
We've built a simple platform to help make it easy.

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Customized microsite

We generate a branded microsite where patients can learn about you, upload photos of their smile, and share what they'd like to change.

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CMS - Lead Management System

We receive the data from the users and store the information in the content management system.

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Easy video consults

Once the data is captured, Dentulu will allocate a video consultation as per the user information, locality and complexity of the dental issue.

Important Features

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Manage leads (CMS)

Our easy to use dashboard lets you organize leads, customize your microsite, and lets you create video consults in one click.

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Customized microsite

We generate a microsite that makes it easy for leads to send you a photo of their smile and request a consult. You can add your logo, a photo of the dentist, a bio, and featured reviews.

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Easy video recording

Our platform makes it easy for you to record a video consult. Consults aren't live so you can record, and re-record consults when its convenient for you.

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Email alerts

Our prompt email alerts let you know when you have a new lead and make responding easy by providing convenient next steps.

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Upload casework

Sharing before and after photos is key to improving case acceptance. We make it easy to add relevant casework to your consultation so patients feel confident about results.

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Lead generating marketing

Ready to do Virtual consults but not sure how to get the word out and attract new leads? We have over 6 years of experience marketing for dentists. Add a marketing package to boost results.