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Dentulu’s teledentistry website builder allows dental providers and offices to fully customize their own teledentistry website with a unique assigned domain address within minutes and for free!

Dental management is now easy. Create a customized website.

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Register with

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Register with dentulu Complete a quick registration form with basic details and our customer support team will contact you.

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Create a custom
website for your clinic

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Dentulu’s team of experienced web developers can create a user-friendly website with advanced functionalities.

Step 3

Become a virtual

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Access the web portal from any device. Meet the patients virtually, collect and store your dental records on the cloud.

With your teledentistry website you can

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Fully customize your Website in minutes

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Include Staff and Provider information

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Include Patient Testimonials

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Include Practice Location

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Provide social Media links

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Provide asynchronous teledentistry

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Include examples of
your work

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Provide appointment

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Schedule synchronous teledentistry

Grow your online presence

Your Virtual Practice serves as a marketing funnel and allows you to grow and own a customized online presence, showcasing your practice and its many services.

create your own dental business website
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Your own domain

Customize your website by mapping it to a domain address of your choice, to make it easier for patients to find you online.

Easily update content

Add, remove or update content on your website as you see fit. Update details about your practice, staff, change banner images and logo whenever you want, without a website developer

Add, remove or update content on your dental website
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Integrate customize schedule

Remote patient monitoring plans can be created for post-surgical care, chronic care management, long term health management or preventive care.

Telemedicine services

Make your website stand out from the competition. Your virtual practice website showcases your telemedicine services to patient visitors, which is in-built, ready-to-use and configure in a few minutes.

Dental virtual practice website
customize the colour of your page in dentulu

Choose your favorite color

Dentulu Teledentistry website allows you to change
and edit the colors of your choice with a
simple drag and select tool.

Floating Widget on all pages

Allow your patients to book an follow up consultation
or a virtual video appointment through
Dentulu’s widget.

dentulu - floating widget
teledentistry photo consultation

Teledentistry photo consultations

Allow new and existing patients to send you photos of their smiles and areas of concern for immediate or scheduled consultations helping you grow your practice.

Screening and follow up care

Screen new and existing patients with customized questions and picture templates and/or use your landing page for follow up care that can be recorded, billed, and exported to your PMS.

screening and follow-up care with dental patients
customized dental treatment plan

Free customized treatment plans

Prepare customized estimates and consultations within minutes with pre-loaded templates and patient education videos.

Mobile responsive

Your website is mobile responsive as well. This means that in addition to being accessible from desktops and laptops, your patients can also access and view it on mobile browsers

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