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Dentulu and Fits Smile have partnered to provide Teledentistry solutions to Clear Aligner patients in Mexico and Latin America.

Dentulu is proud to license its platform to Fits Smile with a unique mobile and web application that manages clear aligner cases from A-Z via Teledentistry. Backed by Dentalia the largest dental service organization in Mexico, Fits Smile depends on Dentulu's software platform as its primary solution to monitor and maintain patient care for all of its clear aligner patients.

About Partner

Fits Smile ® aligners are an invisible orthodontic treatment created by orthodontists using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence , which guides your teeth into full alignment Its custom design in thermoplastic material is super light and antibacterial , an incredible technology superior to the old-fashioned brackets that damage your natural enamel and keep food remains.

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Interested to partner with Dentulu?

We are always looking for new ways to improve our services & better serve our patients. If you are a dental provider or have a product or service that you think would be a good fit for our platform, we are waiting to hear from you!

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