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Mobile dentists for corporates

Get dental checkups without having to take time off from work! Opt for the optimal solution for corporate wellness.

Mobile dentists for corporates
Mobile dentists for corporates

The corporate wellness solution for businesses of all sizes

Dentulu is excited to offer its new Elementary School Dental Program, which brings dental clinicians to elementary schools in a mobile dentistry model. This program is available in schools across the nation and is designed to reduce cost, bridge the oral health gap between quality dental clinicians and school kids, and allow for a better user experience through our application interface.

Our Corporate wellness dentistry solution is designed to achieve three main things:

  • Access quality dental care

  • Save time

  • Save cost

Mobile dentists for corporates
Mobile dentists for corporates

Healthy dental life much closer to you

Dentulu provides quality dental care by delivering A-grade dental clinicians to your employees for better oral health. Our innovative “uber-like” application can save you and your employees time and money.

Complete mobile dentistry tool kits

There is no lack of the right tools to carry out the proper dental checks on the employees within your organization with our Corporate Wellness Dentistry solution. Every tool you’d need in a traditional dental clinic is provided in our RVs. No need tolook somewhere else.

Mobile dentists for corporates
Mobile dentists for corporates

Access to well trained mobile dentists

There is no corporate wellness dental care without a dentist. We have well-trained and industry-worthy mobile dentists ready to cater to the dental needs of your whole organization. All mobile dentists are trained to carry out regular dental procedures carried out in a traditional dental clinic. You can be assured of the quality of service as they are top-notch.

The application

Dentulu is an app that makes it easy to get dental care. You can be matched with a dental clinician and get access to dental health programs with just a few clicks on your smartphone.

Mobile dentists for corporates
Mobile dentists for corporates

Why choose dentulu for your corporate wellness dentistry?

Provide access to personalized dental care with ease

  • DentuluProvide access to dental care within your organization with ease
  • Dentulu Reduced cost
  • Dentulu Break the barrier to receiving proper dental care amongst employees in any corporate organization
  • DentuluEasy to use the mobile application to access mobile dentists from within the organization
  • DentuluReliable dental solutions at all levels
  • Dentulu100% support from Dentulu
  • DentuluAccess to only the best mobile dentists in the industry
  • DentuluNo more worries on how to find a dental clinic close by

The health of your employees determines the health of the organization.

Who can benefit from mobile and traveling dentists?