Mobile Dentistry FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to mobile dentistry.

Mobile Dentistry

What is mobile dentistry?


Mobile dentistry is an innovative form of dental treatment that brings the dentist right into their patient's home or anywhere else needed. Mobile dental doctors near you can perform any procedure on-site, including emergency and last minute visits at your convenience with no hassles for seniors! This provides great flexibility which allows people who are unable to travel long distances easily access health care services they need when it’s most important - without having all those negative consequences from not getting treated quickly enough like pain caused by lost teeth, etc..

What kind of dental services can mobile dentists offer?


Mobile dentistry is the perfect solution for people who want to offer their patients affordable, quality dental care. From routine cleanings and checkups, all in one visit or tooth extractions (remove teeth) if needed; these practitioners can do it all! They provide restorative treatments such as fitting braces, filling cavities or fixing crowns & bridges. The dentists can perform all sorts of restorative treatments and also offer many services that are similar to those found in traditional dental practices.

What are the benefits of mobile dentistry?


Mobile dental services are a great way for seniors who live in remote areas of the country to get access to quality care without having any concerns about going into traditional dentist offices. Mobile dentists have extensive experience working with scared or sensitive patients, so they can make them feel at ease during every procedure!

What are the pros and cons of mobile dentistry?



  1. Mobile dentists can access remote areas and serve the most-vulnerable patient populations
  2. When compared with traditional dental setup, mobile dentistry can be inexpensive
  3. Extended hours of operation


  1. Limited range of dental services
  2. Difficulty in finding the right mobile dentistry providers

What is the difference between mobile dentistry and teledentistry?


Mobile dentistry provides dental care services at the patients' location of choice whereas teledentistry provides virtual dental consultations through desktop / mobile platforms.

Does mobile dentistry improve the quality of life in seniors?


Yes. Mobile dentistry is the perfect way to reach the senior population, and a great opportunity for willing professionals.

What is a mobile dental van?


Mobile dental vans are the dentistry units that may be towed or self-propelled, ranging from smaller, one-chair to two-chair units that can be used for dental examination, preventive and treatment services.

What is a mobile dental clinic?


The elderly are often affected with mobility issues or no longer live in their homes and this makes visiting a traditional dental office for routine check-ups difficult. To help these individuals, mobile dental clinics were established in order to provide onsite care that comes right to you, where you need it most! Portable units equipped with all sorts of modern equipment will make sure your teeth stay healthy while we work hard at keeping society healthier overall through preventative measures like cleanings and extractions when necessary.