Dental Second Opinion FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to dental second opinion

Dental Second Opinion

How to get a second opinion on dental work?


You can find a second opinion dentist that's right for you by asking friends, family members or local doctors. You might also want to check with dental societies in your area and see what they recommend as well! Online reviews from practices all over will give insight on the quality of care provided at each individual office.

It's always good to get a second opinion, so ask your current dentist for an appointment with someone else. You can also contact local dental schools and see if they know any dentists in the area that are recommended by their peers or past clients alike!

If you're thinking about getting a second opinion, don't forget to ask your insurance provider. Your plan may cover the cost and give specific steps on how to do so! They would provide you with a list of covered providers.

Will dental insurance cover a second opinion?


Your dental insurer may be able to recommend a second opinion dentist. Contact your insurance company's customer service for assistance! Many plans cover second opinions, but there are certain steps that may need to be taken before they'll process the request.

When to get a second opinion dentist?


You need a second opinion dentist in the following cases:

  1. When your dentist suggest unwanted dental procedures
  2. Attract you with discounts but the actual dental charges are much higher
  3. Your dentist suggests unwanted replacements for your existing dental work
  4. The dental treatment plan is not transparent
  5. No clear communication between the dentists and patients
  6. Uncomfortable with the treatment options
  7. Waiting time is too-long
  8. Too much of negative reviews about a dental office
  9. Your dental practice gives an extensive treatment plan
  10. The dental service provider doesn't utilize the modern technology

Should I get a second opinion on dental implants?


You’ve been recommended dental implants by your dentist, but you aren't sure if it is the best option for you. Perhaps a second opinion would help clear up any doubts and provide another treatment plan that may work better. Getting a second opinion on dental implants can help you feel confident in your decision, save money and provide an additional treatment option. Here are some situations that may warrant getting this 2nd opinion service:

  1. When you don’t have a good rapport with your dentist
  2. Sudden recommendation for dental implants
  3. When you have doubt about the dentist’s qualifications
  4. When the cost is extremely high
  5. When your dentist seems unwilling or unable to explain the procedure
  6. When the treatment plan also involves the extraction of your natural teeth
  7. When something just doesn’t feel right

Should I get a second opinion on periodontal treatment?


People who suffer from toothache and loose teeth often turn to periodontists for help. If the tooth doesn't hurt and isn’t loose, it can likely be saved. So if you are receiving a diagnosis from your dentist that includes extractions due to periodontal disease then seeing a periodontist expert might give some insight on whether saving a tooth would make more sense or replacing it with implants is recommended for future treatment needs.